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Predictable patterns determine which content clients will read.
Our tools create investment content that – finally – breaks through.

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Better marketing Gets More inflows

Plenty of evidence links visibility to fund flows. FinText collects data and analyses content, offering a data-driven approach to content marketing.

We help financial firms do a better job at telling their story, so it resonates with clients. Is your process generating the content you need?

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Benchmark against competitors

We measure the investment content universe and offer clients access to unique analytics. Discover how much competitors publish, what they create, and what they’re missing.

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Improve your marketing process

Learn the patterns in which humans consume digital content and how to build a content engine that wins audience attention.

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Create engaging financial content

FinText helps financial companies creates content clients will love. We combine storytelling with analytics to ensure content hits the mark.

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Case studies

Who Reads Financial News?

Case study: how readers click, scroll, navigate and consume financial media content

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How Humans Read Online

UBS commissioned FinText to deliver a series of workshops on data-led tactics for content that builds client trust

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The Fund Marketer Newsletter

A weekly newsletter uncovers the marketing tactics shown to influence fund flows

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An instant summary for any article

Paste an article and instantly get a 5-bullet summary. An essential tool for writing and research

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