News at the intersection of financial services, content marketing and text analytics

In Charts: long sentences are crippling your Investment content

Data shows investment marketing has a full-stop problem

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Three Investment Marketing Trends Now that AI Can Write

Financial marketing in the age of trigger-happy content

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Text Analytics: Finally, Metrics that Guarantee Better Outcomes

Vanity metrics look backwards. Text analytics are the opposite

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The Data We Used to Redesign Our Website

Four ways data shaped this design, and the one time we chose to ignore advice

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Data shows: marketing content Sells ESG funds

What science knows about effective marketing of ESG investment products

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This Tool Can improve investment writing in four different ways

Paste an article and instantly get a 5-bullet summary

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Fund Marketing is Your Only Value Add

Narrative, not performance, is the deciding factor for inflows

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To win Engagement, change how clients see the world

A tried and tested recipe to becoming interesting

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