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Say Hello To the Fund Marketer Newsletter

A new weekly newsletter uncovers which marketing tactics influence fund flows


FinText is launching a newsletter for the investment marketing community. We’d say it’s the best you can find, but that would be somewhat of an empty statement; it’s the only one in the industry.

It’s astounding that, among all the analysis of markets or economics or sectors, there’s never been a dedicated newsletter keeping track of how and why clients buy.

Fund Marketer is a weekly newsletter on the hidden science of selling investment products.

In an industry awash with numbers, products get sold on stories. If you’ve ever wondered why some funds win inflows and others lose out – this is the newsletter for you.

Who even needs a fund-marketing newsletter?

As a radical idea –  investing in a large pot of securities – became the norm, the competition for flows has become absurd. Mutual Funds, Index trackers, ETFs…

Go on, take a guess: how many regulated funds do you think existed globally in 2023?

In fairness, not all are in direct competition with each other, but it’s still fair to ask: How can you ever sell the next one?

The newsletter is here to offer some answers.

What’s in each edition?

Each edition has three regular sections:

  • On top: a short brief on an emergent trend in asset management.
  • Treasure corner: with access to crazy-good data, academics are connecting business actions to fund inflows. Every week we’re sharing one of these tactical insights.
  • Also happening: a pick of the industry stories that mattered. Less about who got flows today, and more on the trends that will win flows tomorrow

It’s been running since December 2023

Suffices to say, if we were ever worried not enough happens in asset management, the opposite turned out to be true.

It also means that you can read what’s already been published, and see the value for yourself. 

How To Sign Up?

The sign up is done on the newsletter’s Substack page.