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Stedili is here!

Introducing Stedili, writing tech that creates worthy B2B marketing


In just one slide, everything that’s hard about B2B sales:

Amazing how little things have changed since the 1960s, right?
Except, they have changed:

Because of email, web and social media, marketing now builds client awareness not just through ad spend, but with “content”: still mostly written materials, whose purpose is to inform and entertain prospective clients.

Unfortunately, B2B sales cycles can be long. This places a demand on companies to continuously produce new material, and use it to try and engage clients.

Most companies lack the resources to create regularly, especially to domain experts. Creating something valuable just once is hard enough! But doing it over and over is a tall ask: marketers need a constant flow of ideas, and then the resources to execute on them.

Most companies can’t afford full time creators. And agencies are not merely expensive, they’re also risky: their staff likely doesn’t understands the domain to the level needed to capture the interest of a specialist.

Generative AI hasn’t solved it. Even though anyone can just prompt ChatGPT (or a different large language model) to write, you’d be appalled at serving this output to your most prized, high-value customers.

On top, the models can hallucinate, so everything they do needs to be checked and verified. Naturally, the same problems plague tech solutions that wrap around LLMs (like Jasper,, Ryter and others).

But we have a magic power none of those companies have. And so today, we’re proud to introduce Stedili:

The Magic Power of Stedili

Other ‘writing technology’ solutions are built by professional engineers, who have not spent any time working as professional writers. Certainly, they haven’t spent an extended period creating effective B2B marketing.

Stedili, on the other hand, is built by professional writers, who just happen to be very good at coding. Feel free to explore a partial list of our clients and case studies. Professional B2B marketing is our world.

Actually doing the work provides crucial insights on the type of software that can radically cut down on work. These insights broadly fall into two main buckets:

  1. What do clients find valuable?
  2. What is the process of creating valuable written marketing?

1. Which marketing is Guaranteed to add value?

If you are selling a product or service to clients working in a high-knowledge domain, your clients have an acute problem. It matters not whether you are selling to financial services, legal or tech. The problem is exactly the same:

Your clients suffer from status anxiety.

See, to be in the lemonade-stall business, all you need is a stall and some lemonade. That’s it, you’re in business. But in expert domains, it’s not so clear cut. There are insiders and there are outsiders. Insiders know what’s true now, as opposed to what may have been true before, but no longer is.

Professionals in high-knowledge domains crave to be insiders. They don’t necessarily need to become experts, but they crave an assurance that they’ve got enough of a handle on things to legitimately qualify as part of their specialist community.

This is a constant tension they carry, and Stedili is purpose-built to create marketing that relives it.

2. A repeatable process for expertly written marketing

When people talk about how hard ‘good writing’ is, they rarely take the next obvious step to ask: what, exactly, is hard about it?

Superficially, writing is the act of “putting one word after another” and “choosing which words go best.” In practice, anything bigger than a shopping list involves following a structured flow.

This is a process that is shared among professional writers. So much so, that when Stedili was in its early testing phase, and was being shown mostly to expert marketers, their faces would light up in recognition: “Yes!”, they would say, “This is exactly how I do it!”

With Stedili, we have codified this process, reducing it to no more than clicks, drags and drops.

Want to learn some more and see a demo? Do get in touch!