Case Study > Creating a Brochure for MarketPsych

Creating a Brochure for MarketPsych

FinText worked with MarketPsych to create a brochure targeting data-savvy buyers

The Client

MarketPsych produces innovative data feeds by performing highspeed AI-based natural language processing on millions of daily news and social media messages. Data customers hail from over 25 countries.

Their data extracts meaningful measures from global information flow and is provided through the London Stock Exchange Group (formerly through Refinitiv), one of the world’s largest providers of financial markets data and infrastructure.

The Project

MarketPsych, along with Refinitiv, wanted to create a marketing brochure for its data products.

Previous collateral, they felt, was not technical enough. The content needed to speak to sophisticated data buyers, and to highlight the products’ unique benefits in expert language.

The Process

This brochure is a good example of how our process works in practice.

1. Learning about the data buyer

For this to be an effective brochure, it was key we understand both the client and the context in which they’d assess the product. These factors would have direct implications on the content produced.

For example, the brochure’s very first internal page starts with the headline: Media sentiment analytics like no other. This assumes data buyers are aware of media-sentiment products, and suggests MarketPsych’s offering differs.

2. Structuring the brochure to offer a journey

The brochure’s structure was also conceived to accommodate the target audience. It had no introduction or forward. Instead, the narrative was broken into:

  • What: the product, its technical aspects, and the asset classes covered
  • Proof: a series of short, data-led examples of alpha-generating opportunities
  • About: trust-building information about MarketPsych and Refinitiv

3. Pulling examples from previous MarketPsych research

The end result

The three data examples within the brochure are central to showing the product’s value. As such, they needed to tell a story. That story needed to be both clear and conclusive. They needed to have a compelling, eye-catching graphic to draw the reader’s attention. Finally, it was better to use examples with different types of graphics.

Our writer combed the information provided by MarketPsych, and also read through the articles published on their website, to select suitable examples and condense the research into bite-size narratives.

4. Editing and fine-tuning

After FinText provided the client with an initial draft, we worked with both Refinitv and MarketPsych to edit and refine the details. Much of the original draft remained in place, and most of the effort was dedicated to the choice and ordering of the examples.

In Their Words

Working with the FinText team was a great experience. They quickly understood our business, our target audience, and what we were looking to achieve with our promotional brochure.

Their copy successfully captured the benefits of our product and showed examples where it helped deliver alpha.

FinText’s writers had a good technical understanding of our domain, were quick to respond to our requests and I found them easy to work with. I’m very happy with the final result.

Richard Peterson, CEO, MarketPsych