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Introducing: Gist!

Automatic Article Summary

Gist! is a free tool providing an instant summary for any article.
Learn how to use it and why it works.

LinkedIn: Vanguard vs. BlackRock

Data-Backed Advice

Their LinkedIn strategies can help inform investment managers struggling to cut through the noise.

Help Them Buy Your ESG Funds

Case Study

Investors reveal why they choose to buy ESG products – and raise three consistent objections.


How to Measure Trust?


Information overload changed how people read online. Clients judge information by comparing it to what they already trust. 

Social Listening for Investment Marketing

Market Intelligence

Social listening gives marketers direct access to investor thinking: how they talk, what they want, and what they’re asking.

The Retirement Content Bubble

Case Study

Content themes appealing to older demographics in a position to invest.

Two Easy Content Fixes

Data-Backed Advice

Two instant fixes that make financial content more fun to read, based on analysis of investment content and financial news.

How Finance Uses NLP

Case Study

Eight revealing case studies of investment banks and asset managers using Natural Language Processing. 

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