Social Listening for Investment Marketing

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Discover what investors are saying online

The PRoblem is Big

Content marketing is an integral part of asset management distribution, but marketers lack hard data on which content is worth investing in.

The stakes are high

Companies sink money into content-creating processes, but often end up creating materials clients don’t want to consume.

The solution is new

Through social listening, marketers can gain unique insights into investor thinking, to create the right messaging. 

Discover what your audience likes

Where to Listen

We provide a framework for choosing where to listen, based on four specific metrics for judging quality on social platforms.

Where Investors Talk

We introduce two highly active investor communities, profiling their user base and activity levels.

What Investors Ask

We share data-backed insights on what investors care about, so you can identify popular topics and explore the most active conversations

How Investors Talk

We provide hard evidence on how investors naturally communicate, so you can make content more relatable.

There's also a special bonus...

With the report, you’ll receive special access to significant parts of the data, for you to dig in and uncover even more insights.

Uncover valuable findings

How engaged are investors with financial market conversations?
Which topics capture most of investors’ attention?
How concisely should you aim to write?
Just how much complexity are investors willing to tolerate?

It all comes in a handy, easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet.

A focus group like no other

The data workbook is built for convenient exploration:

Dashboard for easy navigation

Flip easily between tabs through a central dashboard.

Tabs and colour-coding

With consistent colour-coding and easy-to-use presentation, the data is neatly organised by analysis type.

Key Insight Panels

Every sheet features a panel with clear and concise findings the data supports.

Gaining assets is easier...

...when clients like your content

With no meetings or roadshows, investment  content marketing is doing the heavy lifting. It’s now tasked with both strategic branding and tactical lead generation.

It’s all too easy for asset managers to sink budgets into content-creation processes yielding stuff clients don’t care for.

The data and insights in this report uncover what clients care about,  helping create content that speaks directly to clients’ concerns and desires.