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Content marketing is all about the process. And small changes to a process can result in big improvements to its output.

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How Humans Read Online

Trusted content gets read, while the rest  drowns in noise. Since humans consume digital content in predictable behavioural ways, we can quantify how trust gets built.

In the training we review practical trust-building tactics. We focus specifically on financial content, to extract communication best-practices.

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Boost Content Output with Generative AI

Investment managers suffer from three bottlenecks in writing marketing content. In this training, we introduce the radical innovation of Large Language Models (LLMs): how they work and how companies are already putting them to use.

In an interactive workshop, we show how marketing teams can radically boost their output using chatGPT, at no added cost.

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Training that creates long-term change

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See the problem from a new angle

Clients wilfully give their attention to trusted sources. Changing marketing from an attention-grabbing problem into a trust-building one opens a world of possibilities.

Practice new concepts and tools

Text analytics is an exciting lens through which to measure and create content. And new tools are at hand to help you on your journey.

Data levels the playing field

When everyone has the facts, a marketing team becomes naturally aligned on its content choices.

Specific to your communications

Using content analytics, we revisit past blog posts, LinkedIn posts or emails. An opportunity to question and improve existing processes.

What clients say


The training was very interactive, with live demos of how to use the GPT-3 model to enhance content creation. Vered covered how these models ‘think’ and how their abilities are best applied to business-writing scenarios. I enjoyed the discussion on the practicalities of generating synthetic content. This approach can work well for professional-services companies looking to scale content creation.

Heiko Hotz

Senior Solutions Architect for AI & Machine Learning, AWS

Sarasin & Partners

“How Human Read Online” provided us with valuable insights into how to build trust through digital content. I enjoyed the practical exercises, as they offered a different perspective on what we were doing. Overall, the workshop helped our team revisit how we were editing and promoting our content. I’d happily recommend this training to others.

Lucy Capon

Head of Marketing, Sarasin & Partners


I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop. The content was spot-on for actuaries looking to improve their communication efforts. I’ve taken away some really useful tips on trust-building tactics to use in my writing, and found the text analytics data useful. I highly recommend this session to anyone working to build a stronger relationship with an audience.

Brandon Horwitz

Senior Adviser and Non-Executive Director, Fund Boards Council