About Us

Investments used to be sold on a handshake

Securing ETF and mutual-fund inflows at scale is only getting harder. 

Clients are now better informed – and spoilt for choice. Trust takes longer to earn, and it requires more value-adding exchanges.

Now they're sold with a click

Investment platforms are growing and management fees are shrinking.
investors now prefer emails over brochures and websites over roadshows.

Strategies sell by having a great story, and content becomes the new business card. Is your content good enough?


What's the point of content that doesn't get read?

As a marketer, you want to be helpful to your investment team, to your sales team, to your clients.
You want to create engaging content that appeals.

It’s hard to keep creating when you can’t tell if any of it matters. We help you find out what matters, by taking away the guesswork from investment content marketing.

We help you figure out what clients want to read.  
What your competitors are missing.
And advise on how you can create content that wins business.

FinText: Financial Services Text Analytics

We’re a marketing research company focused on helping you create measurably better investment marketing content.

We use text analytics to ditch the guesswork from investment content marketing.
Aiming directly for content clients enjoy consuming, we benchmark anything from hot topics to preferred language use. 

In the process, FinText breaks apart the articles investors read, and the conversations they have online, to offer actionable, data-backed insights.

You gain access to hidden marketing opportunities, derived from both human analysis and bespoke text analytics and natural language processing tools.