We want investment marketers to succeed

And thought some real data could help.

Content Is An Industrial Process

Companies have internal processes to manufacture new content. From quantity to style to topics, the resulting output reflects the process creating it.

But how should companies measure and improve their process? How do they know what needs to change?

Our story

FinText began with questions. Our founder, former machine-learning researcher Vered Zimmerman, was creating written content for some of the UK’s top asset managers. Budgets and resources were being spent on financial content without ever knowing:

How much are competitors publishing?

How does our choice of topics compare?

Is the content too complicated?

Should articles be longer or shorter?

What does the audience want?

We formed a small team of developers and writers, and went searching for data-backed answers. We’ve developed a first-of-its-kind solution to measure how content compares to what clients already enjoy. It also compares content against competing material.

Investment Content that wins business

Using data, we help clients measure and tweak their content process to align with what their clients regularly choose to read. The right content builds trust and relationship, resulting in inflows.

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Our Clients

What We Offer

Training to boost your content production

Achieve more with your existing resources

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Benchmarking Your Investment Content

Analytics that delivers effective content, without the guesswork

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Turning ideas into thought leadership

Style choices; content length; choice of topics. We measure it all and write to appeal

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An instant summary for any article

Paste an article and instantly get a 5-bullet summary. An essential tool for writing and research

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