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Publish Marketing content clients will love

Axell commissioned FinText to deliver blogs, whitepapers, social media and press releases

The Client

Large financial companies are often wary of digital transformation projects, which can prove both lengthy and costly, with uncertain payback.

Axell provides a unique solution to this problem. The company designs and develops solutions for its clients through a cohesive FinTech innovation ecosystem. The company structures and builds innovative digital businesses, solving challenges from Proof of Concept to operational scale.

Among Axell’s clients are some of the world’s largest insurance companies, including Generali and Dai iChi Life Holdings.

For its marketing, Axell required a comprehensive content solution, with a dual aim:

  • Have content collateral that can be repeatedly used for building relationships with clients.
  • To educate prospects on the merits of this approach to digital innovation.

The Project: all about the Case studies

Axell commissioned FinText to provide a series of content pieces, ranging from whitepapers to case studies, from blog posts to press releases.

From the onset, Axell sought to focus its content spend mostly on evergreen content, but present it in diverse formats, catering to different audiences. The result has been to focus content on practical case studies, but present them in different formats, ranging from thought-leadership whitepapers to personal blog posts and social media.

The Process

The work included condensing presentations, carrying out interviews with subject matter experts, and adding value with additional research.

FinText also advised on tone-of-voice, particularly for content in the first-person, striking a balance between colloquial and corporate language.

Finally, all content was tested using FinText’s bespoke text-processing tools, to ensure it aligns with data-backed advice on what investor audiences enjoy reading.

The Outcomes

1. Evergreen whitepapers

Axell commissioned FinText to create a series of whitepapers, each focusing on a particular problem space large financial companies typically face. Each whitepaper featured case studies illustrating how Axell’s clients addressed the problem by partnering with the right fintech provider.

FinText writers interviewed Axell executives, reviewed company materials (such as presentations and internal reports) and conducted supplementary desk-research.

2. Blog posts and short articles

Axell also commissioned FinText to provide a series of shorter blog posts. Tone-of-voice work was central to creating these content pieces. Some blog posts were created as shorter versions of the longer whitepapers. These adhered to the corporate tone of voice used in the longer pieces.

Other blog posts focused on the company’s work and mission from the CEO’s perspective and featured a more personal tone of voice.

3. Social media and press releases

Each content piece FinText creates is written with distribution in mind. On top of whitepapers and blog posts, FinText created a series of LinkedIn posts to broaden the reach and revisit content at later dates. Throughout, the focus was on conversational messaging.

Rather than exclusively promoting on-site content, social media posts were written to showcase Axell’s specific expertise and establish its CEO as a thought leader. As measured by LinkedIn, the social content received great engagement, providing continued momentum and visibility to Axell’s work.

On top, Axell had been supporting a partnership between the Vitality Group and a large Israeli Health Maintenance Organisation, Maccabi Healthcare. Once the partnership was sealed, Axell required a press release that would be approved by both Vitality and Maccabi.

The press release we created was swiftly approved, featuring on all three companies’ website. Vitality has also linked to it in more recent press releases announcing its entry into other markets.

In their words

For our content, we needed writers with financial-domain expertise who could also strike the right tone of voice for whitepapers and more social content. We found both in FinText. They understand Axell’s mission and values, and have successfully tackled any assignment we asked for, with minimal added work on our part. Our content has been receiving great traction and remains reusable long after it’s written.

Moshe Tamir, CEO, Axell

FinText helped us take our ideas and structure them into a coherent narrative. The interviews went smoothly, and the end results capture the messages and technical points just as we intended.

Lyron Wahrmann, CTO, Axell