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Training Sessions for Sarasin & Partners

FinText worked with Sarasin’s marketing team on using text analytics for content creation

The Client

Sarasin & Partners (‘Sarasin’) is an investment management firm serving clients for over 35 years and managing over  £18 billion on behalf of charities, individuals, intermediaries, and institutions. It takes a global thematic approach to investing. Five megatrends, underpinned by stewardship, drive their investment approach: Digitalisation, Automation, Ageing, Evolving Consumption and Climate Change.

The company has been investing heavily in generating more touch points with its clients. From a revamped website to better tracking, content marketing has been central to this mission.

Sarasin believes data helps align objectives and sought training that would ensure everyone’s working towards a shared goal when creating content.

The Project

The How Humans Read Online training was carried out in two sessions.

The first began by underlining the links between popularity and trust, and how the growth in information available has been changing who owns trust.

We then reviewed practical trust-building tactics, based on a wealth of behavioural data on the patterns of digital content consumption. We placed extra focus specifically on financial content, to extract communication best-practices.

To illustrate how these ideas can be consistently applied within existing processes, we’ve worked through examples of tweaking investment-content texts based on underlying data to see the effects.

The second session was specific to Sarasin’s content. Its goal was to provide the team with the confidence to use the techniques introduced in the previous session.

During its first part, we explored LinkedIn content. Participants were provided with text analytics measures (FinText provides this data.) In an interactive exchange, participants suggested edits to improve the posts, using both the data presented and techniques learned.

Its second part looked at two longer pieces of content and reviewed suggested amendments.


1. Cultivating a niche

Sarasin benefits from an opinionated thematic approach. The company has identified long-term trends that guide its investment philosophy. Each of these themes offers an immense opportunity, for Sarasin to become a de-facto market expert on that niche.

The company has already begun making great inroads, by publishing articles on automation. However, these articles struggled to communicate their specific expertise. We explored one example, where half the team believed the article was about automation in general, whereas the other half read it as an article about automation in agriculture.

We then saw that text analytics reflects this confusion over what the text is really about. We observed how greater clarity is gained by improving those analytics.

2. Repurposing content

One of Sarasin’s top fund managers regularly creates market-update slides, which can be viewed on the company’s website. We discussed the existing process for promoting this content fixture and explored opportunities to break the slides into single images promoted as separate social media posts.

3. Editing social media content using text analytics

Participants worked to improve a recent LinkedIn post, which happened to promote a video of a Sarasin fund manager. Comparing the analytics of the original post to the analytics of the fund manager’s actual speech, we could see how the original written content overshot on complexity. Using the spoken text from the video and the analytics, the team wrote new, snappier posts promoting the same video.

In Their Words

“How Human Read Online” provided us with valuable insights into how to build trust through digital content. I enjoyed the practical exercises, as they offered a different perspective on what we were doing. Overall, the workshop helped our team revisit how we were editing and promoting our content. I’d happily recommend this training to others.

Lucy Capon, Head of Marketing, Sarasin & Partners