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FinText Is Joining FinTech Community Space Level39

We have a fabulous new office in London’s Canary Wharf – come and take a tour!


We’re happy to announce FinText has joined the Level39 fintech community at Canary Wharf.

From inception, FinText has been remote first. We were founded in 2020, weeks before the Covid-19 pandemic broke out and Britain entered a prolonged state of lockdown. Since our team is scattered across Europe, with leadership based in London, for a long time we questioned whether we needed an office at all.

Nearly four years later, the City of London still isn’t quite as it was before. It has become clear that the value of an office cannot be about chaining employees to desks – it has to be about something else.

For FinText, it’s all about community. The financial services sector is a dense fabric of interconnected providers. We wanted a place that would be pleasant to spend time in together: together as a team, together with clients, together with the broader financial services community.

London is awash with office providers. Some spaces are nicer than others, but most still cater to a dislocated client base. We like that Level39 is a designated space for financial services technology providers.

Other than its illustrious history as the office space for the (admittedly fictional) 2012 Olympic Deliverance Commission, the building offers absurdly gorgeous views of London.

Below, we offer a pictorial tour of the public spaces in the new offices.

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